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     San Jose Television opened in 1962. TV's for the most part were black and white and loaded with tubes.  We worked on TV's, short wave radios, reel to reel recorders and turn tables.  Later, we repaired color TV's, CB radios, eight track players, cassette decks, VCR's, and eventually CD players.   RCA, Zenith, & Magnavox were the top brands back then. 

       It's exciting to see all the changes  in TV's today. We now have 4k ULTRA TV's with built in WIFI for internet viewing.
     It takes a lot to keep up with the changes.  But, San Jose Television can't wait to see what comes next.  Thank-you for visiting our site.  

Our Normal Hours: MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY 10:00 AM TO 5:00PM, Saturdays 10AM to 2PM by Appointment, Closed Sunday - Tuesday - Thursday

  • San Jose Television  is locally owned and operated.
  • We value people before and after the "sale".
  • We are not one of the Big Box Stores, but we have the same low
  • prices.  Please take the time to compare.
  • We are your neighbors.
  • We appreciate your business.  Let us show you.                       
Buy Smart Buy Sony.
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